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  • Sewage Construction
  • Piping Installations
  • Water System Work
  • Drainage Construction
  • Building Demolition
  • Channel Excavation
  • Asbestos Removal
  • General Excavation

Reed Dozing & Contracting, LLC, Contractors General, Sheldon, MO


Reed Dozing & Contracting, LLC offers a diverse list of services. Our highly qualified team and equipment lineup allows us to tackle small to medium sized jobs and large projects alike. Trusted by big businesses, counties, states, and communities, Reed Dozing & Contracting LLC gets the job done right the first time, within your budget and on time.

Sewage Treatment Lagoon Construction/Rehabilitation

Excavation and Grading
Slope Protection
Water Control Structures and Piping
Seeding and Site Restoration

Sewage Collection System Installation/Rehabilitation

Main and Service Sewage Line Installation
Manhole Installation
Manhole Rehabilitation
Manhole and Sewage Line Testing
Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Sludge Removal and Disposal

Lagoon Cleaning
Treatment Plant Scheduled Disposal
Land Application

Water System Improvements

Water Piping Installation
Fire Hydrant Installation
Drainage Systems

Channel Excavation and Grading

Storm Drainage Piping and Curb Inlet Installation
Box Culvert Construction

Building Demolition and Disposal

Residential and Commercial Buildings
Asbestos Testing and Removal